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Sumba island, Indonesia Birdwatching Tour

Sumba Island, Indonesia Birdwatching Tour
When: Sat 24 Oct - Sun 1 Nov 2020
Leaders: Chris Doughty and Freddy Hambuwali
Sumba Island, Indonesia Birdwatching Tour
Melbourne/Melbourne (9 Days) $6,348
Single Room Supplement $450
Ground Content (ex Denpasar) $5,511
On this exciting tour, we will explore the little-known island of Sumba, in Indonesia. Just a 50-minute flight from Bali's sleek beach clubs, juice bars and yoga studios, Sumba has something refreshingly different to offer: an island of raw, natural beauty, where the Marapu religion still thrives; an ancient animist belief in ancestral spirits. Giant stone tombs take pride of place outside each home, and complex ceremonies including animal sacrifices to honour the dead are routine. Sumba is one of the smaller islands of Nusa Tenggara, a chain of forgotten and little known Indonesian islands, stretching from Bali in the west, to New Guinea in the east. Sumba is relatively undeveloped and thinly populated, in stark contrast to the many millions of people inhabiting the fertile plains of nearby Java and Bali. This dry, infertile island is mostly covered with rough pasture. It is famous for its beautifully decorated fabrics and its thoroughbred horses, which are justifiably famous throughout the whole of Indonesia. The pace of life on Sumba is slow; the people are laid-back and very friendly. On the road to nowhere in particular, the island is seldom visited by tourists or bird watchers, so there is much to discover about its wonderful birdlife. Sumba is situated between Sulawesi in the north, and Australia in the south, part of a unique region known as Wallacea, which contains a distinctive fauna representing a mix of Asian and Australian birds and mammals. The tropical dry climate supports a wide range of habitats; from the seasonally dry monsoon forests of Matalawa National Park to the vast grasslands of the interior, as well as a number of wetlands and mangrove swamps dotted around the coast. Approximately 220 species of birds have been recorded on the island, which includes 10 species of birds that are endemic to Sumba Island, occurring nowhere else on earth. We have ample time to find all 10 endemic birds, as well as a large and varied selection of regional specialities. During the last century, forest clearance and repeated burning for grazing and agriculture has caused a significant reduction of forested areas, forcing the endemic birds into ever-diminishing areas of native forest. When flying over the island, it is difficult to believe that the endemic birds, all but one of them forest birds, could have survived. Fortunately, isolated patches of monsoon forest still remain, and it is here where we have an excellent chance of finding some of the world's most critically endangered species, and such beautiful and little-known birds as Yellow-crested Cockatoo, Sumba Hornbill and the very attractive Red-naped Fruit-Dove. Other specialities include Sumba Buttonquail, Marigold Lorikeet, Little and Great Sumba Boobooks, Mees's Nightjar, Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher, Sumba Green-Pigeon, Sumba Flycatcher, Sumba Brown and Sumba Flycatchers, the gorgeous Apricot-breasted Sunbird and Sumba Myzomela.
Come with us and enjoy a Sumba Island, Indonesia birdwatching tour.

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