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Ecuador and Galapagos Bird Watching Tour

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Bird Watching Tour
When: Wed 30 Nov - Tue 13 Dec 2022
Leaders: Chris Doughty and Andras Trujillo
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Bird Watching Tour
Melbourne/Melbourne (17 Days)
Ground Content (Ex Quito) $14,040

Single Room Supplement $1,480
Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Bird Watching Tour
This unique tour explores two of the planet's most outstanding ecosystems; the fabled Galapagos Islands and the incredibly rich rainforests of Amazonia. This tour offers one of those rare, once in a lifetime opportunities, to walk amongst the unique and incredibly tame animal and birdlife of the magnificent Galapagos Islands. The archipelago has one of the highest rates of endemism of any island group in the world, and provides shelter for many unique creatures, including Giant Tortoise, Marine and Land Iguanas, and no fewer than 35 endemic species of birds. The islands are renowned for the total fearlessness of their wildlife, which allow extremely close approach, thereby ensuring some of the best wildlife photography opportunities on earth. In complete contrast, Sani Lodge, three hours by boat down the Napo River from the end of the road at the Amazonian town of Coca, is situated on an oxbow lake in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. In excess of 550 species of birds have been recorded within a few kilometres of the lodge, making it one of the richest bird-watching localities on earth. Owned, managed and operated by the indigenous Kichwa community, the lodge provides wonderful meals, individual cottages and excellent service. We begin our journey in the beautiful Galapagos Islands. Although mere specks in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, these beautiful volcanic islands, situated on the equator, 1,000 kilometres from mainland Ecuador, have emerged as the most significant biological wonder on earth. Our land-based, island-hopping tour, allows us access to 31 endemic species of birds; regrettably, some species occur on islands where the general public is not allowed to visit. This land-based tour greatly reduces our time spent at sea, allowing more time for birding, and provides us with the opportunity to stay in very comfortable accommodation, on terra firma. It is somewhat ironic; that we shall see more during our eight days exploring the archipelago, than Darwin did during his entire five-week visit! Returning to the mainland, we fly over the Andes and descend into Amazonia, to experience several exciting days at Sani Lodge, on the Napo River. This remote jungle lodge is surrounded by the great lowland rainforests of Amazonia, home to the most diverse avifauna in the world. On foot and by canoe, we will explore the surrounding rainforests and oxbow lakes, in our quest to observe a host of strikingly colourful tropical birds, like Hoatzin, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Castelnau's Antshrike and the beautiful White-browed Purpletuft. The lodge has an almost 50- metre-high, steel canopy tower, where we will be able to observe a host of canopy-dwelling species, such as macaws, jacamars, toucans, cotingas, flycatchers and tanagers. Sani Lodge offers some of the finest birding opportunities in South America, combined with some of the best facilities in Amazonia.
Come with us and enjoy this fabulous Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Bird Watching Tour.
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