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Chris Doughty

Chris Doughty is originally from the U.K. and has been living in Australia for the past 44 years. His interest in birds developed at an early age and before leaving for Australia he was already a keen field-ornithologist. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and has now led many birdwatching tour within Australia. He is one of the few who have seen over 800 species of birds in Australia including every Australian breeding species, and has added new species to the Australian list. He is an active member of Birdlife Australia.
Chris Doughty founded Peregrine Bird Tours in 1984 and is the most experienced bird tour leader in Australia. Chris is also acknowledged as one of the word's most experienced bird tour leaders. He has field experience with over 7,800 different species of birds and has led over 226 birding tours, literally to every corner of the globe. Chris has field experience with representatives of all 236 families of birds in the world.
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