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Comoros and Mayotte Birdwatching Tour

Comoros and Mayotte Birdwatching tour
When: Sat 3 October - Fri 16 October 2020
Leaders: Chris Doughty and Errol De Beer
Comoros and Mayotte Birdwatching tour
Melbourne/Melbourne (14 Days) $14,550
Single Room Supplement $650
Ground Content (ex Moroni) $12,050
Born of fire, the Comoro Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel, midway between continental Africa and Madagascar. It was an important trading post for Arab, Persian, African and European traders from the 15th century onwards. The islands were annexed by the French during the 19th century; three of the islands
Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan obtained independence from France in 1975, and they make up independent republic of the Comoros. Mayotte the fourth island, remains an overseas department of France. The millennia-long isolation of the Comoro Islands has resulted in the creation of a remarkably rich, diverse and endemic avifauna. Currently, 26 species of birds are recognised as endemic to the Comoro Islands. However, continuing research indicates strongly, that this total will rise to a staggering 41 species, in the very near future. Regrettably, the vast evergreen forests that once covered the islands, have largely been cleared, to make room for agriculture, leaving only a few isolated remnants of pristine habitat. During the tour we will visit all four islands, and we have allowed enough time to observe all of the endemic birds, along with as many as possible of the endemic sub-species, of these beautiful and little-known islands. The tour will commence on Grande Comore, where most of our time will be spent exploring the forested slopes of Mount Karthala, surrounded by dense rainforest that echoes with the calls of Comoro Thrush, as we search for a sprinkling of endemic and near-endemic birds. We will also visit an area of secondary forest close to the village of Salimani, where the inexplicably rare Grand Comoro Drongo, is regularly encountered. We next visit the island of Moheli, where we will search for the remarkably beautiful Comoro Blue Vanga, one of the most stunning of all the world's vangas. A short hike close to the village of Miringoni, should enable us to find one of the most difficult of the Comoro endemics, the Comoro Green-Pigeon, as they gorge themselves, in fruiting fig trees. We then fly to the island of Anjouan, where a visit to Lake Dzialandee should reward us with sightings of Malagasy Kingfisher, Anjouan Cuckoo-Roller, Malagasy Paradise-Flycatcher and Anjouan Brush-Warbler. We will also visit Moya Forest, where we are hoping for a daytime sighting of the endemic Anjouan Scops Owl. During a short pelagic boat trip, we should be able to observe the little-known Persian Shearwater and a supporting cast of both Greater and Lesser Frigatebirds, Masked Booby, Brown Noddy and Sooty Tern. Our final island, will be the French Foreign Territory of Mayotte where, quite remarkably, we should be able to find all of the island's exciting endemic birds, in the grounds of our hotel!
Come with us an enjoy this fabulous Comors and Moyotte birdwatching tour.

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