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Bolvia Birdwatching Tour

Bolivia Birdwatching Tour
When: Sat 10 Nov - Fri 30 Nov 2018
Leaders: Chris Doughty and Sandro Valdez
Bolivia Birdwatching Tour
Melbourne/Melbourne (21 Days) $12,541
Single Room Supplement $650
Ground Content (Santa Cruz/La Paz) $9,300
Bolivia, the Tibet of the Americas; is a beautiful, geographically diverse democracy, which lies at the very heart of South America. It is also the most indigenous country in the Americas, with 60% of its population being of pure Native American ancestry. Bolivia possesses an enormous physical diversity of mainly pristine, habitats. The contrasts are extreme; the awe inspiring Andes Mountains, with its high-altitude deserts, dominates the whole of the western half of Bolivia, Amazonian rainforests predominate in the north, the wildlife-filled savannas of the Pantanal occupy its eastern border, and the seemingly endless dry Chaco forests, blanket the deep south. These varied ecosystems support a remarkably rich and diverse avifauna, in excess of 1,400 different species of birds have been observed in Bolivia, more than 40 percent of all the birds in South America. This little known, and sparsely populated country, has the highest avian diversity of any land-locked country in the world, and offers some of the most exciting birding in South America. The Bolivian Andes are some of the highest and most spectacular of all, harbouring a high concentration of endemic, near-endemic and range restricted species of birds. We begin our journey in the bird-rich eastern lowlands at Santa Cruz. From here we fly northward to Trinidad, and go birding at Lake Loma Suarez, where we explore a labyrinth of palm savanna and gallery woodland, in search of the endemic, and little known, Blue-throated Macaw. We then fly back to Santa Cruz, where we go birding at a large lake in Lomaz de Arena Park, which is inhabited by large numbers of birds. Moving on, we go birding in the arid valleys of the Rio Mizque, in search of the endemic and endangered Red-fronted Macaw. We then explore the cactus-clad canyons of Comarapa, before birding the lush cloudforests at Serrania de Siberia, where we will search for the endemic Rufous-faced Antpitta. Next, we drive up into the drier Andes, where we go birding in high-altitude Polylepis woodland, searching for two more Bolivian endemics, the Cochabamba Mountain-Finch, and the Maquis Canastero, as well as other specialities such as Andean and Wedge-tailed Hillstars, Red-tailed Comet, Brown-backed Mockingbird, Cone-billed Tanager and Rufous-bellied Saltator. We then fly to La Paz and drive up onto the altiplano to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake on earth, in search of the range restricted Short-winged Grebe and two more endemics, Black-hooded Sunbeam and Berlepsch's Canastero. From here we visit an area of Andean bogs at La Cumbre, high on the altiplano, before enjoying some tremendous birding along the old road to Coroico, where we will look for such poorly known species as Scimitar-winged Piha, Diademed Tapaculo and Orange-browed Hemispingus, before arriving back at La Paz.

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